You are being UNplugged from your old reality and from the 3D matrix as a whole. In return you will birth a new reality individually and as part of the bigger collective experience.

Here’s the thing; you can’t just “pull the plug”.  Pulling the proverbial plug would cause psychosis.  To have all context and structure of time/space as a continuum removed all at once, would literally ‘break’ you. 

So, bit by bit… ever so slowly and lovingly your Higher Self is snipping the little filament wires within the larger cord. One at a time as you evolve into the next version of you, until they are all snipped and you are able to ascend into the next version of reality. 

How do these little ‘snips’ show up?

  • feeling lost
  • nothing resonates
  • foods taste different
  • losing time
  • don’t recognize yourself in the mirror
  • feeling like you’re ‘crazy’
  • things/people in your life don’t fit anymore
  • you try to be ‘old you’ and its uncomfortable
  • wanting to be alone 
  • sleeping a lot…. to name a few

When this process occurs; your ego, the part of you that keeps you safe and creates context in your life – freaks out !!  It tries to tell you: 

  • I am crazy
  • I am lost
  • I am not safe
  • I am going to lose all my friends
  • I am irrelevant
  • I am unlovable 

You have FREE WILL .  This means that in the moment(s) where you feel uncomfortable, crazy or wobbly you are being presented with a choice.  The choice to choose you; your potential and expansion OR to choose your old identity and reality by plugging yourself back in . 

Ultimately your Higher Self  will do its best to create opportunities for you to evolve according to your soul plan, it’s up to you to surrender and co-operate…

You are being UNPLUGGED! AND – it’s beautiful, magical, unnerving, crazy and isolating … all at the same time.