You Are Here to Remember….

Do you believe in the Universe/God/ Source or some version of a higher power ?

Have you ever gone through something in your life where you thought to yourself

“…why am I being tested or punished?”

Insinuating that the Powers That Be intervene with little tests here and there so they can determine a pass or fail…… Pass? you win!  Fail? your life is going to be shit….

Many people think this way. They ‘put IT out to the universe’ (typically something they really want to experience or have) and then wait to see if it was determined by this higher power whether or not they are ‘worthy’ of it. That’s not it at all… YOU ARE WORTHY! not because you are smart or pretty or nice or self sacrificing or born into the ‘right’ family…. BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE!

Another common thought or idea is that we are ‘Souls having a Human experience’. Having this human experience so that our soul can learn and grow through the density of the human form, constructs of linear time and limitations created by the Ego.

As a matter of fact I USED to teach this very concept …..

Here’s the truth as I understand it now, and let me tell you IT IS A GAME CHANGER!

The powers that be (Universe/God/Source) are NOT running a ‘reward/punishment’ program. WHY? because we are all Diving Beings… each and every one of us are the same.

At a soul level our soul is ALREADY perfect, all knowing and more importantly worthy. We came in that way and when we return we will return back to that perfection. Our soul is pure love.

We are simply here to REMEMBER…. not to pass or fail, learn or grow.

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Having this human experience so we can REMEMBER who we are as a Divine Being. Each and every experience and relationship we have isn’t a ‘lesson’ it’s a trigger of rememberence.

When you REMEMBER that you are a Divine Being and worthy and loved and untarnished and perfect at a level that is deep and knowing; your life changes. It’s the ‘undoing’ of the human part that we are here to do. To forget (through healing and letting go) the limiting beliefs, the childhood trauma, the judgments and experiences that keep us from living our lives through the lense of perfection and love for ourselves and for others.

When an experience or relationship feels difficult or dishonoring stop and ask yourself:

“..what is this situation/person asking me to remember?”

” By allowing this in my life am I being reminded of my divinity or my limitations?”

When you choose the path that reminds you of your divinity you will NEVER be wrong…EVER!

That doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to enjoy all the ‘trappings’ of being a human; love, material abundance, adventurous experiences and a sense of fullfillment. Absolutely you are!

As a matter of fact…the more the better! Because your divine soul is WORTHY of everything you can think of! (and more than that!)

Now I am not talking about Egoic self professed brilliance or narcisism .. I am talking about that deep inner knowing that feels right in your heart. The Powers that Be are BENEVOLENT … we are here to remember that we are too. To remember how to show up that way first and foremost for ourselves and then for others.