I am so glad you found me…

Are you feeling drawn to answer the ‘call’ to go within?

To discover WHO you really are outside of all the roles and expectations you strive to meet/play everyday?

Are you tired of living  the same OLD ‘story’ of  self limiting beliefs and behavior patterns?

Are you going through a spiritual awakening and seeking support, guidance and love?


As a Life Coach and Spiritual Guide I help connect you to your MIND, SOUL, BODY and SPIRIT. I guide you in purging, challenging and shifting the old stories that no longer serve you, teaching you how to listen to the voice of your soul, activating the subconscious programming necessary to allow you to reach your goals.  Aligning you energetically to all the possibilities of your life.

We embark on the most sacred and life changing journey… together.

My clients are making some pretty huge shifts in their lives.. aren’t you supposed to be next?

“The impact the sessions I have with Sheila have been a godsend. Unlike ‘talk therapy’ which takes months/years to rehash past issues; Sheila uses her God-given tools to quickly unpack and untangle your issue. She quickly gets to the root of its origin and then helps you release/ re-frame it from a healthier position”     Shelagh M, Oakville 

By working with me you will be able to identify what you need to 

Release in order to BEcome your most expanded self expression, including:

  • Self limiting beliefs, bad habits and  behaviors that hold you back
  • People, jobs and  material things  that don’t fit into your higher vision going forward
  • Unconscious programs taken on as ‘truth’  in childhood or through societal programming

So you can align to the most Expanded, Self Loving, Connected and Abundant version of you.

I would be honored to assist you in the journey of a life time…    (click here to start)