Sheila has touched my life in a very short time. I find her perspective and approach to things to be unconventional in the best way possible.  A breath of fresh air to say the least. She is gentle and loving, yet straight to the point without sugar coating. She is helping me to become the director of my own life. It’s so supporting to know I’m not on this journey alone. Thank you Sheila for your service to humanity.  You have imprinted my soul forever.        Kyla E, Vancouver BC


“Sheila is a great life and spiritual coach. She listens, guides and help you discover your highest purpose in Life.  It was a great experience working with her. She was recommended to me by a friend and I had no expectations going into the session.  I came out feeling energised and clearer about what I need to do in order to start my soul journey to create abundance in all forms. I am thankful to Sheila for opening this portal for me. Thank you Sheila. I will definitely recommend you to a friend.”                                                          Amarpal S, Germany


“I have been working with Sheila for just about three months and sending that initial e-mail was the best decision I could have ever made for myself.  At the time, I was working with a therapist and trying to deal with the loss of a close family member.  I wanted to improve my overall mental health.  She suggested that I reach out to Sheila Hill who she thought could really help me on my journey of self-improvement. 

From our very first session, I realized that Sheila cared about me as a person and wanted me to begin living the best life that I could.  I was dealing with grief, anxiety, severe panic attacks and depression.  I have used a variety of anti-anxiety/depression medications over the past five years.  There was very little improvement and I knew in my heart I was only masking the issues that I was feeling.  With Sheila’s guidance I have finally seen signs that I am truly finding a path to self-love, help and acceptance.  Her guidance and strategies have allowed me to focus on a journey that I truly feel will lead me to be a person that I never knew existed.  I am feeling and seeing improvements every day and I am constantly using the ‘tools’ in my new ‘tool box’ that will allow me to maintain my progress and to finally live a life that has been out of reach.  My outlook has taken a complete 180  for the better.  My mental health has not only improved, but I am also gaining confidence and seeing a change in my views of who I am as a person.   I have realized that a person’s journey never really comes to a final end, but it is an ongoing road that continues and continues.  Such a wonderful view of life has resonated with my search and has given me the framework to find a sense of peace and balance.  With Sheila’s continued support I’m excited to think of where I’ll be in another three months.  My goal is to be medication free, happy, content, loving, and enlightened.   I now feel that I am going to get there and the light is brighter than it was before.  This is in large part thanks to Sheila.  There is so much more I could say, but I think the key is that if you are searching and looking for guidance in your life; whether it is your mental and/or physical health or just trying to live a life with meaning and purpose, then there is no better place to start or continue your journey than with Sheila ”             Jason (Oakville) 

Self Love Challenge 

“This has truly been an eye opening experience. We all talk about ‘self love’ …you have truly shown me what ‘self love’ really means and how loving myself helps everyone around me. This will be something I work on everyday until self love BEcomes me”.    Chris H, Oakville


“You have translated/explained more clearly what my innerself has to say. You have guided me to my inner self, reinforced my faith in myself. You have taught me about dimensions and cleared energies I have allowed to rest upon me… then taught me how to clear myself.  What haven’t you done?   All while providing a safe space…”      Tianna G, Burlington


I always say “perspective is everything” and thanks for the gift of enlightened perspective that you provided during the time we have spent together and the journey I have been on .  The perspective I take from the time we have spent together has definitely be enlightened – thanks for the provocation, the challenges and prompting that  I think has had value in my self reflection to power the possible in l all I dream of.
Insights, inspirations and lessons I hope I will hold tight going forward and if I sway, I’ll be sure I will reach out!                                                                              Annonymous, Oakville

Money Masterclass

“Thank you so much for the amazing, mind blowing course. I never realized how shifting your mindset about money would create abundance in so many other ways.  I give this course a 10/10!!  One week can change your life for the better!”   Deborah B, Mississauga

“Huge shout out to Sheila for your awesome Money Masterclass (Virtual). I thought you were very engaging and asked us to do a lot of digging over the week – which was hugely beneficial. Your ongoing support, input and love for each of us on our journeys was felt by the whole group. Thank you. xo”

I deeply enjoyed my experience in this class.  It provoked personal exploration beyond my expectations.  I especially enjoyed the respectful and supportive group forum.  Most often money is a taboo subject, it is healing to explore in a safe space.  My gratitude to Sheila and the kind souls that shared my journey”                                     Kath A, Oakville


I want to take a moment to thank you for your ongoing support and nurturing this year. You certainly have made my world a better place…. with your guidance I have not only achieved self acceptance, but in fact I have found ‘self love’.  Through years of therapy, self work, self help books and everything else – I finally achieved unconditional acceptance of all that I am.   I am eternally grateful I found you.                  V.P Oakville

Vision Board Workshop Jan 2019

This workshop is SO MUCH more than ‘cut and paste’. The energy of the people in the room and the venue made for a wonderful afternoon.  YOU are such an inspiration.  Anne. N

An AMAZING event!  great information provided. I am so happy I attended. Sheila you are a great speaker and facilitator among other things.

I created my first vision board; Sheila was so welcoming, honest, passionate and knowledgeable.  The class was relaxing and fun… we have so much to learn from her!      Angela B.

General Coaching

It is rare to find a Life Coach so balanced in her ability to assist clients in their personal growth and evolution.  If you feel stuck, blocked or overwhelmed; look no further.

Sheila has an innate ability to hold a safe, joyful, nurturing space to support her client’s growth and healing.  She goes into your energy while remaining present; allow the shifts to occur with ease.  Sheila’s gifts are not from this earth.       Shelagh M

General Coaching

I have only seen Sheila for one life coach session but in that session she gave me some very realistic, very specific methods to help myself that really worked. She made it simple and very specific instead of general advice.  Thanks Sheila!           Robin C.

Tween Meditation Program 

I just wanted to thank you for your meditations on your website.  I listen to them every night to fall asleep.  I especially love the chakra awareness one.  I have listened to it over 100 times!  I always fall asleep around the heart chakra.                      E.K, 11yrs old

Regular Event Attendee/Coaching Client

So I did the Blue moon gathering last week with Sheila and amazing ladies. I have also been working one on one with Sheila.. let me just say..my week last week was AMAZING! I had 3 wedding consults and one being a destination. Well I am happy to report I booked all 3! I have been manifesting success and confidence and the universe is answering !    Shannon, S Milton

Regular Event Attendee/ Coaching Client

Joining your meditation group, attending your workshops and retreat has been eye-opening for me.  You helped me realize that my childhood experience did not have to define me and to be proud of my journey.  You allowed me to give voice to my wisdom, showing me that is was NOT too late for me to share it with the world.  You took me out of my ‘private’ self and expanded my vision so I could start a blog

I appreciate you for your kindness and transparent real caring.  For the times you held my hand and my soul while I cried and wailed at the unfairness of life.  Love to you my lightworker for all that you do.     Linda, Mississauga

Facebook Group Member

I so look forward to your Monday Night Lives.  I have learned a lot about crystals and have began using them.  I have saged my home.  Although I am not close; I do my self care from my own town. I am always learning something new from you and talking about you to my group of friends.   Sharon, Niagara Falls

Regular Event Attendee

Your guidance has helped me open up and look at things from a different perspective.  From you I have learned the importance of self care and that honoring me doesn’t mean dis-honoring others.  Not to mention all the FUN lessons on meditation, manifesting, angels and crystals etc.  You are a star!      Anne, Oakville

Vision Board Workshop

The individual time spent with those who requested was a really nice addition. You have a loving realness about you that is so relateable and makes others feel comfortable.  Thank you.      Anonymous

Vision Board Workshop

I really needed this and loved every moment.  Learning from your and our little chat made me feel for the first time that everything was going to be ok.   Kelly, Oakville

Vision Board Workshop

It was so enjoyable I didn’t want it to be over!  Specifically the talk on energy.. I just wanted to learn more and  more.    Michelle, Toronto

Energy Work

The energy work you did for me really helped me get clear on what I need to heal and release energetically so I can move forward.       Stephanie, Hamilton

Energy Work

“I’ve never experienced this kind calmness and relaxation before since having energy work done by Sheila…there is a sudden shift you can literally feel. It’s amazing!”… says one Wellness Wednesday member regarding receiving energy work.

Coaching Session

I met Sheila about 2 months after losing my job.  I was a mess mentally and emotionally.  Being a single parent and losing my job was very scary and it hit me pretty hard.  My confidence was shaken, my self esteem was dropping and my anxieties were through the roof!.  I was depressed, stuck and scared about my future.

Working with Sheila; coaching and having energy work done with her truly helped shift my perspectives helping me to reconnect with aspects of myself that had been forgotten.  In just 3 sessions I noticed a shift in my thinking, my thoughts were more positive and I started to gain my confidence back.  It was during my first healing session that I had a a huge emotional release as old traumas came to the surface to be dealt with and cleared once and for all.  I feel now that I can move forward with clarity and confidence.

I found Sheila to be warm and inviting.  Her loving and compassionate nature allowed me to feel safe enough to express my thoughts and feelings through my tears and anger without judgement.  I just felt supported.  Thank you Sheila for your insight, guidance and light!                                                                                                           Nancy, Milton ON

Coaching Session

My coaching session with Sheila was one of the most profound experiences I have had. I didn’t expect her to draw so much emotion out of me.  But once she did, I felt so much better about my future direction and goals.

Sheila provides a comfortable, non- judgemental space in which to have a coaching session.  I would highly recommend her, especially to anyone going through some kind of life transformation.                                     Natalie, Oakville

WHO AM I – workshop

I didn’t realize how much of my unhappiness (or lack of satisfaction) came from me looking back. I ‘used’ to be fun, I ‘used’ to be skinny, I ‘used’ to have the world by its tail… I don’t feel that way now. After taking the workshop I discovered NEW things about myself that I am excited about. I know who I WAS was an important part of who I am today but its not the person I am trying to get back to being anymore… I learned SO much!”    K.Decicieo

WHO AM I – workshop

Learning about the DRAMA TRIANGLE was a huge game changer for me and my family. I learned about the roles I play and was able to see how by changing my behaviors the behaviors of my husband and children changed too.  All for the better!  there is a lot LESS DRAMA in my home now.   S. Bennett


Before coaching with Sheila I was very unsure of the direction in my life and needed help finding my path and what would make me happy.  I felt like I didn’t matter and what I wanted in life wasn’t important.  Through working with Sheila I discovered; I need to communicate what I need from others and realized that I can be happy with choices that I make for myself.  I’ve stopped saying “I should do this or that” and I just do them or don’t without feeling guilty or stressed.  I have stopped living my life by other peoples expectations.  I have a better relationship with myself now and that is affecting my family in a big way.  I have been able to let go of problems that are not my own which is made me a much happier person.  My advice for anyone thinking of working with Sheila is to go with an open mind; what I thought I needed to work on wasn’t exactly what I gained from my sessions.  I gained more understanding of myself and why I make the choices I do.  Just let the sessions flow, be honest and you will get out of it what you NEED.   Thank you Sheila for helping me find me!                                                                  Danielle Comeau, Oakville

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Sheila is an authentic healer who is truly interested in guiding you on a journey of wellness! It is a true delight to be in her presence! – Sonia Imerti


“Sheila has a style that invites relaxation and expansion at the same time. While she is frank she is also non-judgmental which has helped me to be open and participate whole heartedly. Sheila’s focused clarity, passion of real and progressive change, and ability to translate concepts and ideas into practical and tangible results has been a key factor in me amending my approach to become more impactful in my role as a woman in life and at work. Thank you Sheila”-Annonymous.


“I had no expectations going into our session, but as a true coach, you guided me to some of my own answers.  I had some pretty cool revelations today!  Thank you for making your space a trusted environment.  I felt very comfortable talking to you.. I will be adding that to my list of gratitudes for the day.”                                                             N.J, Oakville


“Prior to meeting with Sheila I was going through an emotionally and physically difficult time.  I was going to have to heavily rely upon friends and family for help and support and I was struggling with how to share the news with my children.

Once I started working with Sheila, I was able to get to the root of my problem and became more comfortable asking for and receiving help from others.  I was also able to clearly and confidently address this sensitive subject with my children.

I am on the other side now and can honestly say that Sheila’s coaching helped me shift my perspectives, get honest with myself and others and confidently deal with this difficult time in the best way possible.

For those thinking of working with Sheila, I’d say; speak your mind openly and with out fear of judgement.  Sheila is not only a great listener but she is very insightful and intuitive.  She offers a fresh perspective and valuable advice.”          K.S, Oakville

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“I had the pleasure of listening to Sheila speak last month.  She is warm and compassionate with her audience and able to be quite vulnerable and open with her compelling story of transformation and triumph.  Sheila is able to connect with her audience and get them to open up and share.  I enjoyed listening to Sheila as she spoke, opened up and got each one of us to discover something about ourselves in a new light”

Suzanne Longstreet, Orangeville ON.


“Before beginning a coaching relationship with Sheila I was confused with so many wants and needs, I didn’t know how to separate them.  I was foggy with my thoughts and feelings.  I needed guidance to sort things out and learn how to put myself first again and pursue my wants and needs from start to finish.

The fact that I was actually meeting with Sheila was a sign that I was ready for this journey.  I felt empowered not only for me, but for my two daughters!

During the coaching process, I reconnected with a more confident version of myself and found peace in the realization that it is ok to realize and pursue my dreams.  I have enrolled in a course that I have been longing to take and have started going to an exercise class regularly.

My advice for anyone thinking of working with Sheila is to just be yourself.  Be open minded and allow your journey to begin and unfold.  I never felt judged by Sheila.  I felt as if i was speaking with a friend who cared and was there to help me through my experience”                                                                         G. DaSilva, Mississauga ON.

All of these amazing souls made one bold move….they contacted me