Session Fees

I am truly honored that you are inviting  me  on your journey.  Opening and holding sacred space for you to shift, heal and release all that no longer serves you is my privilege.  I can’t wait to see the NEW YOU being born as you connect with your light and step fully into your power!


One On One Sessions  – $175 Canadian Currency (including tax)

Whether you are going through a life event, a spiritual awakening, or simply striving to become the best version of yourself ; I will see you as both your Ego aspect and your Divine self simultaneously. 

Holding space for your highest connection to your truth in every moment.

These sessions are inclusive to the Mind, Soul, Body and Spirit connection.  As I tune into your personal energy field and  spirit guides we will be guided in a  conversation about what you feel is blocking you from experiencing your Divine self and the abundance that is your birthright.  With higher guidance and wisdom I will provide you with loving practical advice and tools to move you forward in your healing and self exploration journey.

As a gifted Lightworker and Starseed; my frequency “Transmutes” all lower vibrational energies.  This means that  you will also receive energetic alignment, clearing and attunement to your next highest frequency during your session.

Often clients feel the need to nap or rest after their session so please plan your time with me and post session time accordingly.

The ‘fine’ print :

  • FIRST TIMERS; payments for sessions MUST be made by e-transfer or Paypal upon booking your session. Once your payment is received, your session time will be confirmed.
  • Subsequent sessions must be paid within 1hr of session time or in cash upon arrival.
  • Cancellations with more than 24hrs notice  – FREE
  • Cancellations made within 24 hrs or LESS of the scheduled session notice $175.00
  • Failure to attend a scheduled session $175.00