My Book

Often the difference between THRIVING and SURVIVING in life are just some SHIFTS in perspective and behaviour.

As a Life Coach and Spiritual Guide I wrote this book to help you

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the thoughts, beliefs and behaviour patters that are keeping you from living a Happy, Healthy and Full filled Life.

Each chapter has HUGE shifting potential!

I would recommend that you read the book in whatever order resonates for you and then experiment with integrating the NEW behaviours, ideas and concepts into your life each and everyday.  Keep waking and shifting…

Your Beautiful Life Awaits!

My book is intended to be that easy read that keeps you thinking. Drop it into your purse or keep it in the bathroom (really I don’t mind!).  Carry a pen, makes notes and complete the work sheets.

Shifting your life into an BEAUTIFUL one doesn’t happen by reading a book or in just a day or a week.  It’s a process of shifts and experiments that comes from new awareness.

If you would like a copy of my book and you are local, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’d LOVE to meet you!

If not, please order my book on AMAZON

Thank you !  S xo